My Parents Spent All My College Fund Inheritance from Grandpa, but Karma Struck Back

Betrayal, debt, and a family torn apart. When a college fund inheritance disappears, it sets off a chain of events that will leave you on the edge of your seat. Discover the shocking twists and turns of this captivating tale as secrets unravel and karma comes knocking.

I lived in a household where it always seemed like my parents favored my older brother over me. Despite their efforts to conceal it, I could feel the difference in their treatment. While my brother basked in their approval, I often felt like an afterthought, an empty space longing for recognition.

However, amidst this familial imbalance, my grandfather stood as a beacon of unwavering love and support. Unlike my parents, he saw my potential and nurtured my dreams, especially my ambition to become a pilot.

Tragically, my grandfather passed away when I was just fifteen years old. Before his departure, he made a promise that ignited a glimmer of hope within me. He assured me that he would leave his entire inheritance to me, a gesture intended to fund my university education and pave the way for my aspirations to take flight.

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