Am I a Bad Mother for Kicking My Pregnant Daughter Out?

Hi everyone, I am Ella, and my daughter, Rose is 19 this year. I have a bit of a difficult tale to share and I want to know what everyone thinks. So, my teenage daughter has been with her boyfriend, Nathan, 20, for a year.

Okay, I am not going to lie, as a single parent who’s seen it and done it all, I had my reservations about Nathan. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he turned out to be a decent guy. I found myself warming up to him and seeing him as my second child in his own way.

Now I wasn’t too happy when I discovered something I didn’t want for her at that age. One day she came home to me and said, “Mom, I have to tell you something but you need to promise me that you won’t be upset.”

Of course, I already had my backup hearing that sentence. My mind started playing out all sorts of scenarios and I kicked myself for allowing Nathan to worm his way into my heart! I even blamed myself for letting my guard down with him.

Don’t ask me how, but I somehow knew he was involved in whatever my daughter wanted to share!

But, trying to be a good parent, all my misgivings didn’t show on my face. I calmly replied, “What is it baby, you know you can tell me anything?” Sighing and taking a deep breath, she shyly said:

“I am pregnant with Nathan’s baby. You’re going to be a grandmother.”

I was SO shocked! It hadn’t crossed my mind as a possibility for some reason. I mean, 

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