Never leave a charger in an outlet without your phone: I’ll expose the three major reasons

1, It’s essential to consider the number of chargers in use and their individual power draw. Larger chargers tend to consume more power, and non-genuine chargers may take significantly more, up to 10 to 20 times based on testing. Additionally, the environmental impact of millions of continuously-running chargers should not be overlooked, contributing to increased kilowatt hours and carbon emissions.

Fire Hazard: A Real Concern Leaving a phone charger plugged in poses a potential fire hazard. Overheating chargers, especially when buried under items like clothing or books, can lead to increased temperatures and pose a risk of fire. This danger is amplified when dealing with non-branded, low-quality chargers that may not adhere to safety standards. 2Energy expert Glenn LaMay assures that leaving a phone charger plugged in all day doesn’t pose a fire hazard, as all electrical appliances, including chargers, must pass safety tests before being sold to consumers.

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